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February 26, 2011


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need to part with sensitive information?

January 22, 2011

need to part with sensitive information? not happy with something going on and just need to vent. need to contact a person to let them know, but they don’t need to know its you? be polite
this is like some straight mafia shit.
I am going to start emailing this about the fucking garbage truck noise on fridays

As consumers we don’t read

January 20, 2011

Well I am taking a stand. I was walking through the supermarket the other day and noticed quite a few things that otherwise I wouldn’t have usually noticed.

The main, first and only thought that came into my mind was ‘what the fuck?’ What are we eating as humans, and what do companies think we want to hear?

Look this picture above. “if its not boiled, its not a bagel”. Everything in my life except for cups of tea, is not a bagel. Can I tell you that I am now proudly walking around with my head held high telling people what is and isn’t a bagel. “You know that stapler on your desk there??!!, well, thats not a bagel, its not boiled”………

Why the fuck would any one on this earth care about this fact?

Moving right along.

Doing wonders for the forgotten

November 16, 2010

These guys are just doing wonders.

Watching a very beautiful but very tragic documentary on SBS right now. Every one should switch over

I feel so sad deep in my heart for these poor children/tarnished adults.

I hope you guys get redemption and closure during your wonderful remarkable lives

Plomo o plata

October 22, 2010

This is a cool article published by SMH on this Strong [read crazy] young lady who is now heading a police force of 13 peeps against the drug lords.

perhaps she should have stayed out of school.

interesting work placement for A degree in criminology, cause it is a fucking bad scene.

google images of mexcio drug cartel ‘interactions’. Very Disturbing.

North korea. I am mesmerised.

September 10, 2010




September 10, 2010

America: 0

Iran President: 1

Got…..//the big picture

July 27, 2010

Viewing the two following links will contribute quite significantly to the rehabilitation of your optic nerves and rods and cones in your eyes.


My wife has several of these books. Beautiful literature to bring to our relationship. I didn’t realize they had a website.



check out’s ‘the Big Picture’.

go there.

lol. Reducing to accpetance. I <3 Onion

April 7, 2010

Easter Show. Wash up. END.

April 5, 2010

Ok I swear after this post, I will leave them alone. The Bogans. The ones that sound like yamaha 125 bikes when they talk, you know the ones.

If you stand legs shoulder width apart with your arms out like you are riding a fake motor bike, then rev and make the worst motor bike sound you can think of then, over the top try and hump the theme from the beverly hill billys, then you have my mindset to look at the below pictures, captured in a public place hopefully no lawsuits to follow, as I am just trying to immortalise this “culture-rich” event, of our religious calender.

Some of them I am very dissappointed to say that I was unable to get footage of them in their natural habitat.

Some People may have seen earlier posts from the show, with some lude sign writing. I am not responsible for that, but…..if the plane did in fact stop writing after he/she wrote jesus then drew an A that looked suspiciously like a cock, then I would not have been adverse to chippnig in for the cost of sign writing, and yes, I would have felt a little more spritiual about the holiday.

During the course of the weekend we names suppressed to maintain friendships possibly just me discussed the possible actual reasons for the easter story of the death/ressurection/rock moving fable, the top one we came up with was…….drum roll……..

By conclusion, there is no way that ‘heyzeus’ could have died, instead we conclude that he was probably playing soccer and/or skateboarding (possibly at the same time – thus earning him the awesome can do anything reputation) and a girl who he likes walked past (Mary McFlannigan later come to be known through chinese whispers as Mary Mandolin, and then Mary Magdaline) which put him off and he fell off the skateboard and wet himself a little bit, from which he was terribly embarrassed. He then to save face went and hide in a cave/tree house, (with R-Pats from Twilight, he would have been around cause he is a vampire) and didn’t come out until sunday when his parents went looking for him. Everyone was super happy that he was back and because he was such a great skateboarder and loved Juice, they called him “king of the juice”. Palm Sunday was possibly this sunday by confusion because they all invented the high five – thus palm sunday. This also calls to reason why every one thought her was great and wanted to act like him, but some people thought he was a dick because he acted like a pussy when he fell over/fell off the skateboard.


And there you have it folks. forward complaints to panda(@) leave the brackets out though – that is just so the Robot we all know the robot can’t hack the sites email.

so photos and commentry from the day, I was going to blog as we walked around sydneys 214th inaugural Royal Easter show, but some of this “gold” you are about to see need to be shot covertly with a normal digital camera’s zoom lense.

This Women does not need an idol…but fuck she does need to leave her fucking religious propaganda at home. stop leeching off prime time television, jesus should in effect be able to come up with an awesome logo that is more original and excellent than any TV show

Some people think that going out in public is equal to going for a big bush walk. I am not sure why older generation love beige so much. Shades of Brown, and bum bags. Who doesn’t love a bum bag, due to the use of clinique eye cream, this photo doesn’t do this 400 year old any justice

When you go out in public for the first time since the last easter show, it is best to have a uniform

This picture speaks for itself…..I am not to sure whats the most disturbing, the orphan child who is about 5 walking around the show by himself and maintaining his own nourishment or the foreground that happen to walk into the picture. You be the judge.

once again, complaints forward to the above forementioned email address.

also any questions or requests.


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